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Open Fire Appliance Guide
Open Fires: Housecoal Cobbles, Trebles (Nuts), Doubles (Economy) and Wildfire.

For Smokeless Zones:
Homefire and Supertherm

Multi Fuel Stove Appliance Guide
Smokeless Multifuel Stove:
Homefire, Supertherm, Multiheat and Taybrite.
Solid Fuel Cookers Appliance Guide
Solid Fuel Cookers:
Anthracite Nuts, Maxibrite and Phurnacite.
Trianco Gravity Fed Boiler Appliance Guide
Gravity Fed Boilers:

Anthracite Grains and Beans

Solid Fuel Room Heater Appliance Guide
Solid Fuel Room Heaters:
Anthracite Nuts, Maxibrite, Phurnacite, Homefire, Taybrite and Briteheat.



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